5 December 2017 News

3rd World Congress on Biostimulants in Agriculture, November 27th-30th,Miami, FL

Larderello Group / SCL Americas had the opportunity to exhibit and present our portfolio at the Bio-stimulant Congress in Miami, FL. Along with representing a full line of micro-nutrient products, Larderello Group took this opportunity to formally launch our new EnNuVi product line. This product line is comprised of 4 element suspension that have been carefully blended with select polyphenolic compounds to offer the grower the best combination of micro-nutrient and plant bio-stimulant on the market today. A “novel” approach that allows the plant to utilize nutritional elements as part of its natural mechanism for defense and growth. We thank the many companies that took time to visit with us and look forward to continued worldwide growth. The many meetings we held were productive and we anticipate tremendous momentum into the global marketplace. Please, contact us through our website, www.fertiglobal.com , so that we may help you in any way with your crops nutritional needs.

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