6 February 2018 News

Folistim Humi Zn in Corn

by Ronald Brian N. Flores

Corn is one of the key crops in Southeast Asia. This crop provides raw material for food products, animal feeds and industrial usage. It is also sometimes referred to as “yellow gold” due to the many products it can provide.
Production capacity of corn in Southeast Asia is still challenging as many factors affect yield performance. This are either brought by abiotic and biotic factors. Many of the technology available in the market has been provided by companies dealing in corn either through the use of crop protection, crop nutrition, seed treatment, etc and yet performance of farmers are mostly achieving 50% of yield potential.
Folistim Humi Zinc was developed to harness the high compatibility of a Humic Acid and a Micronutrient in increasing performance of the crop in terms of improving root growth, longer internodes, on time silking and tasseling and heavier and robust kernels.
These highlights were shown during a recent official trial done in Philippines by Envireau Pacific which ultimately led to a 13% increase in yield attributed by heavier weight on kernels and weight per cob. The additional harvest of 1,000 kgs would surely benefit the corn farmer.
Proper nutrition paves way for better crop performance.

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