Who we are

We are not giants, but we are well known and appreciated in the markets on five continents and in many different applications. It is not by chance that in the world of the infinitely small, the atom, Larderello Group stands out as the manufacturer and supplier of 80% of boric acid used in nuclear reactors around the world! It is not by chance that we are the oldest boron based fertilizers manufacturer in the world. Our fertilizer’s effectiveness is essential for good plant nutrition and to ensure a good harvest. We do not like resting on our laurels: our ambition is to improve day by day. Innovation and creativity, combined with passion, are the secret of growth in each type of activity. The piano is the same for everyone, but everyone moves their hands differently on the keyboard so the music changes. Different music means different results. The difference is our unabated research and the continuous improvement of the processes that lead to the excellence of our products.




For over two centuries we have been manufacturing and distributing Boron based products around the world from our plant in Larderello (Tuscany), where the Grand Duke of Tuscany first exploited Boric acid from the geo-thermal resources available in the area. With the benefits of our past experiences and our recent history in boron fertilizers, we created the FertiGlobal line of specialty fertilizers in 2003.

Since then we have been continuously growing in the global market thanks to our commitment to develop innovative and high quality products that respond to the requirements of farmers and industrial customers. With the opening of our branch offices in Germany, China, USA and Brasil, and the recent acquisition of Quimicos Essiod (a leading Argentinian producer of chelates and chelating agents), we have reinforced our position as a global company leading in plant nutrition.




Our philosophy

We aim to have a simple and flexible product range able to solve most of the problems related to “basic” and “advanced” agriculture in the world. Our products are designed on agronomic research and prepared in our plants. We start by tracking the highest quality raw materials. These are then treated according to the best scientific and technical knowledge currently available. We spend a great deal of attention to innovation in order to propose advanced agronomic solutions to our partners. We are focused on efficient crop nutrition, improving agricultural yields, and the quality and traceability of our products within the environment. This attention to detail allows for smart choices that achieve the highest net income while maintaining environmental responsibility.