20 July 2018 News

SCL China was established


2018年5月,Larderello 集团旗下的中国分公司—拉塔瑞罗(北京)贸易有限公司正式成立。2018年5月30日-6月1日,Larderello 集团全球CEO保罗(Paolo Bonini)、副总裁汤姆斯(Tommaso Trigona)来华访问,对中国分公司的成立表示热烈的祝贺,同时表示对中国分公司的未来发展充满希冀与信心

SCL China was established

In May 2018, SCL (Beijing) trading Co., Ltd, the Chinese branch of Larderello group, was officially established in Beijing. On May 31st , 2018, Paolo Bonini, global CEO of Larderello Group and Tommaso Trigona, Vice President Sales of Larderello Group, came to China to take greatly congratulations on the establishment of SCL China. They strongly believe with confidence in the good future development of SCL China.

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