10 February 2017 News

“Producing top quality meat begins in the field, with top quality fertilized crops”


Mister NiKolaI NIKOLOV is a “non-conventional” Bulgarian beef & pigs breeder who owns 200 meat cows, pigs and cultivates 250 hectares.Mister NIKOLOV is not simply a breeder, but he is also managing the production, transformation and selling of his animals. He owns a slaughterhouse and two transformation sites of the beef and pig meat that he produces on his farm. His production (salamis and fresh meat) is sold directly through its own shops network. Mister NIKOLOV produces himself the animals’ food, consuming its grains (wheat, barley and corn) and the alfalfa he cultivates on his farm, so that to insure and control the quality of the meat he sells and transforms.

To secure the quantity and quality of his vegetal productions, Mister NIKOLOV applies on all his crops FOLIAREL® PROTI-Bor and appreciates the support the product gives in the building up of the protein contain and the yield. He also appreciates the stimulation of the fast regrowth of the Alfalfa after application of FOLIAREL® PROTI-Bor, after each of the five cuttings. He noticed also that the product supports the alfalfa to overpass the herbicides stress.

On his cereals and sunflower, Mister NIKOLOV applies also Folimac® N-Plus before flowering stage to supply the plants with a stable, lasting and reliable source of Nitrogen during the grain formation and grain feeling. He noticed that he obtains a lasting “greening effect” in his crops and better results in yield and quality (protein and oil contain) than his neighbours.

To obtain the best vegetal productions and meats quality, Mister NIKOLOV has selected the SCL Italia’s products because:

Qualitative and quantitative meat productions derive from high quality feeding, which is the results of top quality crops productions supported by the right nutrients.


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