1 August 2018 News

Fertiglobal Southeast Asia September 2018


Product to market matching is one of the key ingredients in positioning

Fertiglobal Southeast Asia is doing a follow up launch of new products in Thailand. After the successful introduction of Foliflo Excellent in the 2nd Quarter of 2018, we are now prepared to introduce Foliflo BCA, Foliflo Zinc, Foliflo Greening, Folimac Sugar B and Folimac K in the 4th Quarter of 2018.

Making sure that everyone is aligned, Fertiglobal Southeast Asia team conducted a basic plant nutrition training for the Victor Nutriplant Sales team last September 4, 2018. Around 30+ strong personnel were given knowledge and tools on how to introduce the Fertiglobal products in the market.

The event was graciously attended by the Sales Manager Sombut, Marketing Manager Manu and the whole sales team. We expect to have the new products available in the market around October 2018.

Proper nutrition paves way for better crop performance.

Fertiglobal is THE Key Partner in Transforming Farmer Productivity through Effective Solutions for Crop Performance. Fertiglobal values Enhanced Partnerships, Brand Awareness and Critical to Customer Matching.

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