30 March 2018 News

The Power of Two

by Ronald Brian N. Flores

Last January 31, 2018, SCL Italia represented by Ronald Brian N. Flores and Michael Vinson Lalusin conducted a Plant Nutrition and Product Training to PT Hextar Fertilizer Indonesia PDO team lead by Riki Rivaldi, Product  and Market Development Manager.
The whole process was appreciated highly by both parties as this elevates the knowledge of market, customers, behavior and culture.
There were a lot of good exchanges that would help in proper positioning of products that would eventually lead to targeted value propositions based on the different segments.
This kind of activities are being done by SCL Italia to support key distributors in preparing their teams to better compete in the market.
PT Hextar Fertilizer Indonesia is currently registering products under the Foliflo, Folistim and Folimac lines. SCL products will be available for the Indonesian market this 4th quarter of 2018.
SCL ITALIA is THE Key Partner in Transforming Farmer Productivity through Effective Solutions for Crop Performance.
SCL values Enhanced Partnerships, Brand Awareness and Critical to Customer Matching.

SCL Southeast Asia Team – Left, Michael Vinson Lalusin, Product Development and Registration Officer, Right, Ronald Brian Flores, southeast Asia Area Manager.

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